They are all delicious and made with simple natural ingredients. My favorite is the Maple Pretzels, they are not too sweet-but are a nice combination with the salt of the pretzels made with real Vermont maple syrup.

March 2017 ~ Christina

I found that my hand was in the bowl of spicy pretzels all night long.

September 2012 ~ Honi

WOW Ranch Rocks!!!!!!!

March 2013 ~ H. Strong

I like Distler's Pretzels Mara-Thons, which is when Mara gives me bags and I eat them all up! My favorite flavor is Maple, but I like all of them. They are truly a veritable plethora of culinary delights. Also, I like the idea with the cayenne pepper mixed with the other flavor. Do that, please.

March 2013 ~ S. Chestnutt

Excellent pretzels!! They are making our road trip downright "Spicy". Wishing we had purchased several bags!

February 2013 ~ J. Burk

This photo was taken last summer shortly after a patrol in Helmand Province, Afghanistan. Being the only Vermonter in the Platoon, I soon got everyone hooked on our states maple products. After four weeks of eating the same MREs your Maple Distler Pretzels were quite the savior! Thought I should share!

January 2013 ~ I. Merriam

Excellent! Just found them in a machine at the school where I work. I am also a pastor in St. Albans, and will be recommending them to my congregation!!! Keep up the good work and may God continue to bless you in your endeavors.

January 2013 ~ R. Mann

My extended family has a new favorite pretzel snack, Distler's Ranch and Maple. They are not overwhelming like other brands, there's just the right amount of flavor.

December 2012 ~ L. Queen

I LOVE your pretzels!!!

August 2012 ~ Megan

Yes, we received the new pretzels and ate both bags the first day. They are just as we remembered them from our trip!!

February 2012 ~ K. Jewison

Hey Alec, I have been watching you and subsequently been eating your pretzels for years. I really love the spicy varieties over my salads like croutons or right out of the bag.

December 2011 ~ E.Holcomb

Hi my name is Avanti! I am 11 years old. My mom went to a Rachel Ray show and she got your spicy pretzals as the snack of the day. I tried them and I loved them!!!! Ever since then we have been searching for them. Would you be kind enough to tell me if there is any place in the around or in New Jersey Somerset 08873. Thank YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

September 2010 ~ Avanti

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